Qualification certification

1. In 1996 through the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification.-97955.com澳门葡京

2. In 1996, "Wan Cheng" brand force tire products were named "Tianjin famous brand products".-信誉葡京棋牌

3. In 2000, through the U. S. Department of transportation DOT security certification.

4. In 2002, tire products passed national mandatory product certification.

5. In 2006 the "golden Wancheng" trademark was identified as Tianjin famous trademark.

6. In 2006, the first batch of products passed the European Union ECE certification.

7. In 2008 the "golden Wancheng" motorcycle tire was named the brand-name products in Tianjin city.

8. In 2010, "Wanda" trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark of Tianjin.-澳门金沙4809com

9. In 2011, "Wanda" brand agricultural tires were named "Tianjin famous brand products".

10.In 2014 the "golden Wancheng" trademark was identified as the national Industrial and Commercial Bureau A Well-Known Trademark in China.

11.In 2014, enterprises passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification.

12. In 2015, enterprises passed ISO/TS16949 certification.-澳门新葡京投注网

13.From 2006 to 2014 for 8 consecutive years won the ten private enterprises in Tianjin title.

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